How to do your own laptop screen repair

If you have a broken laptop screen and you would like to have it repaired then there are a few options open to you. There are plenty of online resources where you can learn how to do it yourself, there are a lot of videos for example and also websites that show you step by step how to remove and replace a laptop screen. Of course there is the question of whether you want to do this yourself, maybe you’re just not too technical and would prefer to let the experts handle it. Either way there is a cost involved and perhaps this is your driving factor. There is bound to be a local laptop screen repair company around where you live too, let’s look at these various options now.

So the first thing is to decide whether you want to carry out the laptop screen repair yourself or not. A quick Google search for “laptop screen repair” will reveal a number of solutions and I’ve linked there to my website of choice which is Tekmoz – a great repair tutorial for any laptop screen. I’ve been a member of Tekmoz for a few years now and it was one of the primary sites that helped me kick start my career. I wanted to expand my current skills to go from PC REPAIR to LAPTOP REPAIR and I knew I wanted to be guided by more than just some guy in a video on YouTube.

Luckily Tekmoz does exactly this. The owner is Graham and everytime I’ve emailed him or contacted him via his Facebook page he’s always replied and gave great advice. Of course there are a number of other options which you are free to look at but Tekmoz would always be my first recommendation. Also do you have the aptitude?

Repairing your own laptop isn’t for everybody and laptop screen replacement is no easy feat if you’ve never done it before. Tekmoz shows you different ways to approach any laptop and get the job done which is another reason why I like it so much but maybe, just maybe it’s not for you? So how much would it cost, to do it yourself or if you fall in the “maybe it’s not for you bracket” how much to get a local guy to do the work for you?

How much depends upon your laptop. It’s as simple as that. It’s also a factor in the availability of the screen for your laptop too. If you have a particularly old laptop then you may not be able to get a replacement screen. Google for you laptop brand and model and see what comes up in the Google Shopping results. Again, it also depends where you are in the world, the dollar verses the pound will always vary but on average a screen will cost you between £50 and £100 or around $70 to $130. Then there’s the labour charge on top too.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to have a go at doing your own laptop screen replacement or repair then you can save a heap. Here in the UK the average IT guy charges around £50 per hour. I’ve seen this price vary from around the £35 to £70 per hour mark, it really depends who you ask and what sort of price they charge will probably depend upon how good they are and how much work they currently have got. Their reputation will proceed them too, so ask around and get what you pay for.

So there we have it. In conclusion you can see that there are many options online but as I’ve already mentioned my preference will always be Tekmoz, yes I am somewhat biased. If you are not the sort of person who wants to do their own repair work then the price will certainly be more for you than if you were to do it yourself. So in order to get the cheapest price or the best technician (whatever you want) ask around and find out about the reputation of the local technicians in your area. I really hope this has been helpful. I’m looking forward to my next blog post of which I have yet to decide what to write about.

Choosing a CPU Heatsink

If you are happy with your boxed cooler performance and you don’t want to bother with replacing it, simply skip this article, basically. Because of so many choices and thus many custom rigs, it’s difficult to create a right choice. We have been here to provide you with some tips. Hope this helps.


The actual concern will be the compatibility using the CPU socket type. Please look into the instructions or info on the packaging to find out what socket type your CPU and motherboard are. It may be Intel Socket 775/1156/1366/1155 or AMD 754/939/940/AM2/AM3/FM1


The greatest concern is if the situation is big enough for your chosen cooler. Please find out when it can easily fit into the situation (e.g. Coolermaster’s Hyper 612S cooler – Thermaltake’s M9 case – 163 mm / 6.4? vs max. 165mm / 6.5? – with fan duct removed and just 100 mm / 3.9# with fan duct).

You should think about weather your case has the fan duct or using the pre-installed side panel fan. You will want to get rid of these or to search for a small-profile CPU cooler.

If you wish to but it’s not recommended, you could even remove the side panel.


You may want consider around the height of ram heat sinks you might be using. When the memory is just too tall it can hit the fan. So you should examine the size using the instructions. Well, it’s difficult to believe manufacturers will give you this data automatically but it is possible at product tech support or searched with the web.


Think about how you can install it beforehand or ask somebody.


There are some signs that could tell what to anticipate and that are preferable:

-packaging – simply the bigger is definitely the better,

-heat sink weight and size – again the larger is definitely the better (cooling capacity)

-quantity of heat pipes – the greater means the greater heat conduct,

-base – Copper base with direct touch design ought to be more effective than other kinds,

Before exceeding the maximum junction temperature for the CPU – the higher the better, – TDP – Thermal Design Power or maximal dissipation heat capacity. Note the parameter will not be crucial until you do heavy burning / overclocking


A dynamic CPU cooler uses fan so here are some recommendations things to take notice at using the fan(s) bundled:

the larger the better (e.g. 140mm vs 120mm), the greater the greater (e.g.Zalman’s CNPS12X with triple fan)

the greater flow the greater (CFM – cubic feet each minute or L/min – litters each minute, typically 20 to in excess of a couple of hundreds CFM) e.g. Delta Electronics case fan with more than 240 CFM,

the greater pressure the greater (mmH2O – millimeter water @ 4°C, typically .1 to in excess of 2 ) e.g. Delta Electronics case fan with 27.48 mm H2O

PWM function is a very common way of controlling fans speed. (Should be enabled in BIOS settings after installation.) It is suggested to select a PWM capable fan. You can easily recognize it from the 4-pin connector. Speed vary from to few thousands RPM, e.g. Delta Electronics case fan with 5200 RPM.

Choice for installing of second fan for push/pull setup is preferable however, not crucial

In the event you appreciate silence originating from your rig then look into the noise performance from the cooler’s fan(s) prior to buying. The less dBa the quitter the fan.

Sometimes manufacturers provide accessories to manage fan speed or adapters/resistors – choose these manufacturers/products. If you want to change your rigs yourself then you should ensure fan(s) could be substituted with the custom fan(s) you like because sometimes it’s difficult to create alterations (e.g. Arctic’s Freezer Xtreme).

If Anti-Vibe fan mountings are bundled – highly appreciated addition, you should also check.


Except a couple of things previously mentioned you would want to see even more stuff bundled:

Good instructions

Thermal grease

If you like cool aesthetic, LED fans


If it dies, everybody wants to be sure as long as possible to be able to replace the bad product.

9. Just How Much Are You Currently Prepared To PAY

Nowadays manufacturers provide a wide range of prices for your one kind of products so please choose as you desire. It’s as with the cars for instance, for a couple of more horse powers the cost rises exponentially what bring us towards the conclusion – it’s not necessarily essential to use the highest priced hardware.

Allow me to mention few best seller CPU Coolers so that you can know what to look for:

– Cooler Master Hyper 212

– Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

– Noctua NH-D14

– Cooler Master V8

– Cooler Master Hyper TX3

– Xigmatek Dark Knight

– Prolimatech Megahelms